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What makes a good LPA Receiver? Well, we think it all starts with caring about people. Receiverships are often used where there is a lawful tenant occupying a property, which makes repossession inappropriate. It’s Templeton LPA’s job to find a careful balance for everyone involved, so we’re always protecting the interests of lenders, making sure tenants are treated fairly and helping the defaulting borrower find the most appropriate solution for their individual situation.

That’s not something just anyone can do; it takes a specialist with years of practical experience. At Templeton LPA we take our role as an impartial and independent intermediary very seriously. You’ll find our approach is always deliberate and carefully considered.


Templeton LPA is a subsidiary company of LSL Property Services plc.
Registered in England with company number 06507759. Registered office: Newcastle House, Albany Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle, NE4 7YB.

Part of the LSL Property Services PLC Group